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Paze creates videos for

tomorrow’s brands and artists



Paze is a video production company based in Paris, specialized in internet content creation since 2020. Coming from both a business background and a creative one, we, as founders, aim to provide you the best services, from the idea to the final cut.

We make storytelling brand content for brands, influencers and artists. We are also working on music videos, and in the long run, we plan to work on fiction movies too.

Paze’s goal is to be the structure you rely on to create ambitious and creative projects. We are trying to make a system of talents that learn and grow together.

Our process is redesigned to meet your needs first. We explain you each step of the creation, to support you in the best conditions.

Maxime and Lucas



Vertical videos are now a must on social media.

Based in Paris, we own all the necessary equipment to make your videos look professional. It gives us the independence and flexibility needed to work when you want and where you want.

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